Over the past three Saturdays (1/20/2018, 1/27/2018, and 2/3/2018), 222 adults were able to come to our congregational brunches. Adding in all the others who helped make those brunches possible, close to 300 people were here as we talked about generosity and about the ministry we share here at St. Paul. If you weren’t able to come, click here to read a letter from Pastor McKenney with more information.

Here’s a recap:


We ate: 10 gallons of orange juice, 384 Danishes, 576 mini-muffins, 150 pounds of scrambled eggs, 800 sausages, 63 pounds of hash browns, and 50 pounds of fruit. But the morning was about more than enjoying a delicious breakfast together. Here’s a summary of the rest:

Part 1: Generosity

We watched a video from a pastor named Tim Keller, and we discussed the words of Jesus in Acts 20:35 “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” We’d love to have you join us as we continue that discussion in our Sunday morning Bible studies starting this Sunday, February 11th. Here’s what you can expect:

This class will be taught by all the pastors at the same time. The plan is to have three classrooms covering the same material so the class sizes are more manageable to allow easier discussion. The general theme is Generosity, but will cover topics in every aspect of life like family, community, charity, wealth, time and more. The foundation of the study will be parables in the gospel of Luke. Everyone thinking generously - imagine the impact this can have on your family, our congregation and this community! Mark your calendars and join us as we explore God's Word so that everything we do, we offer God our very best.

Part 2: Ministry

Pastor McKenney spoke about our vision for our ministry as we prayerfully consider our future. Afterward, we had a brainstorming session addressing these six questions:

  1. What are the greatest blessings God has given you through the ministry of St. Paul?

  2. If you met someone looking for a home church, what reasons would you give them to visit St. Paul?

  3. Five years from now, what are the most important things St. Paul should be known for and how can we ensure that happens?

  4. How can we create a greater culture of generosity and service in our church and our community?

  5. How do we most effectively strike a balance between building what we can afford and managing indebtedness?

  6. If available financial resources dictate an alternate approach to the full campus expansion vision, how do we most effectively reach consensus?

Click here to see a scan of the combined Post-it notes from all three brunches.


We ended with some reflections on how God is at work through his Word here to reach people and save souls. We watched two videos of members who shared their stories. Click the pictures below to hear them for yourself.

But they aren’t the only ones who have been shaped by God’s work through the Means of Grace here at St. Paul. We’re creating a bulletin board in the St. Paul gathering area on which we’re all adding bricks to build a church. There are two questions on the bricks: “How has God shaped your life through the ministry of St. Paul?” and “How can God use you to extend our gospel ministry to the future?” If you haven’t written on a brick, we’d love to have you fill one out and add it on the wall with us.


Two Documents to Take Home

We closed with two things you can take home and look at more. If you haven’t seen these yet, click below to read them for yourself. The “Reflection Guide” is a way for you to think through your own life, looking at all the ways God is using you to impact people around you. The “January Building Project Update” is information and frequently asked questions about our project.

Click here for a copy of the Reflection Guide.

Click here to read the most recent Building Project Update.

Upcoming Dates

Sunday, February 25th - Leadership Commitment Sunday
Lent & Easter - Worship & Bible studies focusing on Generosity & Ministry
Weekend of May 6th - Congregation Commitment Weekend