I Follow the Good Shepherd

"He leads me beside quiet waters" — Psalm 23:2b

In a year when there are so many presidential candidates, it’s often difficult to know who to follow and ultimately who to vote for. We want to make a sound decision, but it’s so difficult because each candidate has its strengths and weaknesses. We may turn to flyers that are distributed, listen to speeches, or even watch several debates. Unfortunately, this often makes a person more confused in the end.

Fortunately for us, there is One clear choice on who to follow for our eternal well-being, our Good Shepherd. We don’t have to worry about flyers, speeches or debates to get our information. We have his Word before us every day to strengthen and nourish our faith. Here at St. Paul Lutheran School, Your School, the students are taught the one and only way to heaven. How is this done? I put some numbers together and came up with rather amazing statistics for students who attend St. Paul all nine years of grade school. The numbers increase if they also attended St. Paul Preschool. 

Did you know…

  • that a student at St. Paul will have prayed over 4500 group prayers?
  • that a student at St. Paul will have listened to over 3000 devotions?
  • That a student at St. Paul will have been taught over 1000 Bible History lessons?
  • that a student at St. Paul will have attended over 250 chapel devotions?
  • that a student at St. Paul will have recited over 500 verses of various hymns?
  • that a student at St. Paul will have over 120 hours of sound doctrinal catechism instruction taught by one of the pastors?

Through each one of the items listed above, the foundation of faith is being strengthened through God’s Word. Each one of these mentioned is a tool to help fight Satan and his temptations. Where else can a child go to get such extensive training in God’s Word? Where else can a child get this type of spiritual arsenal to steadfastly follow their Good Shepherd in this life and most importantly, for eternity? What a blessing we have right here on our premises! What a testament to the many congregational members who help support such a valuable ministry!

If you have any questions on how you can get this training for your child, please do not hesitate to call the school office for enrollment. We are here to answer any questions you might have.