Walk with God

Have you ever noticed how many people exercise by way of walking, jogging, or even running? Especially with the warm weather we were blessed with these past few weeks, people were out everywhere. Ultimately, as you walk, jog, or run, you will eventually get tired and have to stop. Some are able to endure longer routines, but eventually you will get tired.

That is where our Walk with God is different than the physical walking we may do. The more we Walk with God by sitting at his feet and his Word, the more rested and rejuvenated our faith becomes.

Our students at your school daily Walk with God while sitting at the feet of their Savior listening to God’s Word. Daily, their faith is nourished and strengthened. Daily, they are building that firm foundation built upon our Good Shepherd and his Word. In a world where God’s Word is being attacked on every side, let us always rest with him as we Walk with Him and Talk with Him. Let us never take this gift for granted. If you would like to hear more about your school and how you can enroll your child, please contact the school office at 648-2918 and Mr. Gartner will be happy to answer any questions you may have.