St. Paul Cardinal Weekly Note

Be Bold, Be Strong


Mission Offerings

Lighthouse Youth Center; Collected Friday, December 15 - $71.91; Collected to Date - $373.76

School Dates to Remember

January 12 – End of 2nd quarter
January 17 – NO LAKESIDE BUS
January 17 – Gr. 7 Warrior for a Day 8:00-3:05 PM|
January 18 – Kindergarten Registration/Round-Up 6:30 PM
January 19 – Kindergarten dismiss after lunch – 12:00
January 19 – Kindergarten Registration/Round-Up 1:30 PM
January 24 – Lakeside Future Freshman Scheduling 7:00 PM

Music & Performing Arts

January 28 – Gr. 7 sings at 8:00
January 28 – Lakeside Pops Concert and Visual Arts Fair 2:00


January 10 – BB A Girls Reserve at St. John, Juneau 5:45 PM
January 12 - BB at TSL Clark Street – B Girls 5:00; B1 Boys 6:00; A Girls 7:00; A Boys 8:00;
B2 Boys AT (this is a change) Lebanon 5:00
January 13 – B1 Boys Tourney at Pardeeville-first game is at 10:30 AM;
A Girls Falcon Tourney at Lakeside-first game at 10 AM; A Reserve Boys at St. Mark, Wttn 9:00
January 14 – A Girls Falcon Tourney at Lakeside
January 17 – B2 Boys 5:00; A Girls Reserve 6:00 home vs. St. John, Juneau
January 19 – BB at St. John Waterloo B Girls Reserve 5:00; B2 Boys 6:00; A Girls Reserve 7:00; A Boys Reserve 8:00
January 20 – B Girls Tourney at Pardeeville
January 26 – BB at Oconomowoc (play at TSL Clark St.) – B Girls 5:00; B1 Boys 6:00; A Girls 7:00; A Boys 8:00; B2 Boys home vs. Ixonia 4:00
January 27 – BB B1 Boys & B Girls Tourney at TSL; B2 Boys Tourney at Juneau; A Boys Reserve at St. Mark, Wttn 10:00
Maps for all away events are on the athletic board outside the 7th grade classroom.

2017-18 Home SPL Basketball GamesOur St. Paul Cardinals are hosting several home games this winter season. To be successful we need your help volunteering during the contests. Parents of Cardinal basketball players are required to sign up no less than two times per season. Games begin at 5 p.m. unless otherwise noted. Please sign-up and help out and cheer on our Cardinals as they pursue victory. Sign up genius link:


 Band lessons resume this week.  Don’t forget your instruments.

 Building Update To make sure the parents of the school stay up-to-date on the building project, we will be sending home an update once a month. If the update does not make it home, you can always get a copy in the entry way on the table by the bulletin board.

 You are invited to join us for Chapel every Friday at 8:00 AM and then stay for coffee fellowship. Volunteers are needed to brew some coffee, buy or bake breakfast goods, set up before Chapel, and clean up afterwards. Please sign up to help. It’s a wonderful way to get involved in the fellowship of St. Paul School.

Summer Band 8th grade band students, have you signed up for Summer Band? Also, if there are other students in 8th grade that are not band students but would like to be a part of color guard or honor guard, sign up at the following link:

Otherwise, go to and click on Arts then Instrumental Music, then Summer Band.  That will take you to the link for the SB registration.

 Sickness – We are asking for your help in keeping as much sickness out of the building as possible. If your child has been running a fever in the past 24 hours, please keep your child home. Also, if your child has had flu-like symptoms such as vomiting, aches, or chills, please use a 24 hour guide before sending them back to school.

Lakeside Visual Arts Fair Grades 5-8 The LLHS Visual Arts Fair is being held Sunday, January 28, in connection with the LLHS Pops Concert.  It offers an opportunity for the children in Grades 5-8 to use and display their artistic abilities while improving their art skills.  A registration form is being sent home today.  The following deadlines are in place if your child is participating:  Tuesday, January 16 - Student Registration Forms and a non-refundable $2.00 registration fee per art project need to be returned to the classroom; Thursday, January 25 - completed art projects need to be in the classroom to insure that all of the final, necessary entrance requirements have been met.  Thank you!

 Box Tops For Education It’s time to count box tops!  We are looking for someone who would be willing to coordinate the counting of labels so we can send them in for cash.  We just received a check for $544, so it is well worth our time.  Contact the office, 648-2918, if you are willing to coordinate this project.

Basketball Etiquette Reminder – Parents of younger children, if your child is not in the gym watching the game, we ask that they be supervised by a parent. The hallway is too crowded to have students running the hallway. Come cheer on the teams.

 Parents needing a 2017 childcare expense statement for tax deductions, please notify a childcare provider as soon as possible or send an email at

Many thanks to the children and families of St. Paul School from the secretaries, cooks, and janitors for the generous Christmas gift given to them. It was very much appreciated.

Kindergarten Registration for the 2018-2019 School Year. It is essential for parents of children entering Kindergarten next fall to attend our Registration/Round-Up event on Thursday evening, January 18, at 6:30 PM or Friday, January 19 at 1:30 PM. Bring your child along to visit the classroom!  Mrs. Bauer, Mr. Gartner, and Pastor McKenney will be present to provide you with information about Kindergarten and answer any questions you may have concerning Christian elementary education at St. Paul’s. We look forward to seeing you there.

Annual Voters’ Meeting is Sunday, January 28 at 11:30 AM. Committee reports, highlights of ministry programs and election of officers is the business of the day.

Winter is here!  Here are a few weather-related policies to keep in mind…
*           If the Lake Mills Public Schools are closed due to inclement weather, St. Paul’s School will also be closed.
*           If school is closed (3K-8th grade), childcare will also be closed.
*           If there is a late start (usually 10AM), 3K, 4K, and before school care are cancelled. School children can arrive and childcare will open1/2 hour before school begins.
*           If there is an early dismissal (usually 12:30PM) childcare will close ASAP (as soon as arrangements are made and safe departures can be provided.)

  • A One Call notification will be sent out even before any TV or radio stations place St. Paul on “closed” status.
  • The NBC stations in Madison (ch.15) and Milwaukee (ch.4) will be the TV stations notified of a school closing.

You can check the Lake Mills Public School District website or tune-in to the following radio stations or NBC TV for prompt notice of school delays/cancellations:

 WKCH (FM 106.5)
WFAW (AM 940)
WTMJ (AM 620)
WSJY (FM 107.3)

Childcare, 3K, 4K when weather bulletins are posted

   * If NO SCHOOL…then No 3K, No 4K & No-childcare. 

   * If EARLY DISMISSAL (usually 12:30pm)…then No 4K-pm. Childcare closes ASAP (as soon as arrangements             made & safe departures can be provided).

   *  If LATE START (usually 10am start)… then No 3K-am, No 4K-am, No before school childcare-6:30am but Yes 4K-pm. Childcare will open ½ hour before the delayed school day begins (usually 9:30am).

Lakeside course Selection Date Lakeside Lutheran will offer an opportunity for parents of incoming freshmen (your current 8th graders) to come to Lakeside for assistance with course selection on Wednesday, January 24 from 7-8:30 PM. Families also have the opportunity to select courses online.  If families have already completed course selections, there is no need to come to Lakeside.  School personnel will be on hand to meet with parents and their students to draw up a slate of classes.  At the same time, they will assist families needing help to enroll their student.

 Lake Mills High School will be visiting on Wednesday, January 17 at 1:30 PM.


January 15 – January 19

                                               Sunday          God’s Word in Church

                                              Monday          SPC Bowl

                                              Tuesday          Nacho Grande

                                          Wednesday       Waffle sticks

                                            Thursday         Hamburgers

                                               Friday          Hamburger/gravy over mashed potatoes

All menus subject to change

Check out the school web site for complete monthly menus at