January 5, 2018

Dear Fellow Believers in Christ,

The opportunities and challenges were abundant and evident. They needed a new sanctuary in which to worship God and offer him sacrifices.  The body of believers was growing.  There were people all around who needed to hear the good news of the Savior.   Plans and gifts were needed to meet the growing opportunities.

Sound familiar?  If you thought the opening paragraph was about St. Paul, it wasn’t.  It is about what King David and the nation of Israel were facing.  David was near the end of his reign. The Ark of the Covenant had no permanent resting place and the people had no permanent place in which to worship the Lord.  Although David’s son, Solomon, would build the Temple in Jerusalem, David got things ready.  He had the plans drawn and then he called upon the leaders to lead the people in the support of that growing ministry as well as the gifts needed to build the Temple of the LORD. And how did that go?   In 1 Chronicles 29:9 it states, “The people rejoiced at the willing response of their leaders, for they had given freely and wholeheartedly to the LORD.”

Since God is richly blessing our ministry at St. Paul with growing numbers at worship and in our early childhood ministries, we need to talk about how to support this work as well as provide the adequate space to carry it out.  

Like David did, we first invited the leaders of St. Paul to discuss these challenges at a special brunch at church on January 20th.   And now, we want to discuss these exciting matters with all the members of St. Paul.  That’s why you are receiving this letter.  It is a personal invitation to you to attend a brunch at church on either January 27th or February 3rd.  At this brunch we want to share stories about how the gospel ministry has touched lives here at St. Paul, spend some time reflecting on our walk of faith in the Lord, discuss the ongoing mission and ministry needs at St. Paul, and seek your input about our future building plans.  We will begin at 8:30 am and hope to be finished before noon.           

You will be receiving an email with an RSVP link within the next week. Or, you could call the church office at (920) 648-2235. Please respond by Friday, January 19th on how many will attend and whether you need childcare (ages 3-10.)  We want to have plenty of eggs and sausage ready, as well as enough childcare providers! More importantly, we want you to be included in this important discussion.

We are excited to begin this journey of generosity with you as we reflect on God’s generosity to us and our generosity to him.

In Behalf of the Generosity Committee,

Pastor McKenney