What Are Connect Groups?

  • A way that our church provides opportunities for members to get to know one another better.
  • A way that we help new members assimilate, knitting them into the St. Paul Lutheran family.
  • A way for you to connect with your fellow Christians.

There are three different types of groups, and they are described below. The first type, Study Groups, will be starting very soon in early fall!

  • Starting Fall 2018: Study Groups—These groups focus on discussing Scripture in a small group setting in members’ homes. We will cap each Study Group at 8-10 people. Good discussion is difficult if Study Groups get too large. It will be important for you to act quickly once days/times of groups are announced.
  • Starting in 2019: Service Groups: These will focus on serving the church or  community in some way and will be comprised of any number of people.
  • Starting in 2019: Social Groups: These will focus on recreational fellowship and will be comprised of any number of people.

Watch for more details since groups will be started in early fall.