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Mrs. Kimberly Gartner


Mrs. Kimberly Gartner graduated with a degree in elementary education from Dr. Martin Luther College in 1990. She has served the Lord by educating His lambs at Yale, MI; Cincinnati, OH; Milwaukee, WI; Menomonee Falls, WI; Lowell, Arkansas; and Lake Mills, WI. Mrs. Gartner has taught every grade from Preschool to 9th grade.  Most of her teaching experience took place in multi-age classrooms of grades K-2. She enjoys all grades but has a passion for teaching reading and the language arts. She has worked with struggling students in various capacities during her career. Her desire for all students to succeed led her to obtain a Master’s degree with an emphasis in Special Education from Martin Luther College in 2009. Currently, she teaches First Grade. She is the wife of Mr. Steven Gartner and the mother of 3 delightful children.