January 13-15 Worship Service Notes

ST. PAUL LUTHERAN CHURCH  |  Lake Mills, Wisconsin

The Second Sunday after Epiphany     January 13-15, 2018

Welcome to Worship

Service Notes for this Sunday

During this Epiphany season we will celebrate the truth that Jesus is the Savior who came to redeem us. If he is the Savior, how can we know that this is true and how can we believe it?  The answer is simple!  It’s the Word!  It is the Word of God that proclaims Jesus as Savior, and it is through that same Word Jesus calls us to faith!  How important it is then that like Samuel, the Thessalonian Christians, Andrew and Nathanael we listen to Jesus speak through his Word!

PRAYER BEFORE WORSHIP                                                   Christian Worship 282 vs. 1,2

Lord, open now my heart to hear, and through your Word to me draw near.

Let me your Word e’er pure retain; let me your child and heir remain.

 Your Word inspires my heart within; your Word grants healing from my sin.

Your Word has pow’r to guide and bless; your Word brings peace and happiness.