January 27-29 Worship Service Notes

ST. PAUL LUTHERAN CHURCH  |  Lake Mills, Wisconsin

The Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany      January 27-29, 2018

Welcome to Worship

We welcome and thank you for joining us for worship today! In our service we gather before our almighty and saving God to offer him our worship and praise. That is our service to him.  But we also assemble to hear God’s holy and powerful word and celebrate his life-giving sacraments. Through these means, God strengthens our faith and walks us ever closer to our eternal home with him – that is how God serves us.

Mothers and small babies seeking some privacy are welcome to use the nursery room at the end of the hall past the family restroom.  Ask an usher for assistance.

Out of courtesy for others and respect for our services, please turn off your cell phone.  Large Print Hymnals are available. Ask an usher.

Service Notes for this Sunday

Today we continue on our series on "Jesus speaks".  Last week we focused on the first sentence Jesus spoke with two important words: repent & believe. Today we see that when Jesus speaks, he speaks with absolute power - to drive out a demon, to bring you salvation.

PRAYER BEFORE WORSHIP                                              Christian Worship 200 vs. 3,4

Though devils all the world should fill, all eager to devour us,

We tremble not, we fear no ill; they shall not overpower us.

This world’s prince may still scowl fierce as he will,

He can harm us none.  He’s judged; the deed is done!

One little word can fell him.

 The Word they still shall let remain, nor any thanks have for it;

He’s by our side upon the plain with his good gifts and Spirit.

And do what they will – hate, steal, hurt, or kill –

Though all may be gone, our victory is won;

The kingdom’s ours forever!