November 18 - Announcements

FUNERAL SERVICES were held for Steven Spencer on Tuesday and Ruth Kuhl on Wednesday this past week.  May God be with their families.

FUNERAL PLANNING FORMS Some of our members have asked if there’s a way they could share their favorite hymns and Bible passages that they would like to be included in their funeral when God calls them to heaven. Your obituary and funeral are a wonderful opportunity to confess your faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior, and to point your loved ones to the comfort we have in him. Your pastors here at St. Paul would be happy to work with you on this, and to keep a copy of your plans on file. Funeral planning forms are available on a table in the gathering area. 

SPECIAL VOTERS’ MEETING will be held Sunday, December 2 after the second service.  The purpose of the meeting is to consider a proposal by the church council to revise our current budget, and to approve the rates proposed by the Bank of Lake Mills for our building project.

 THANKSGIVING WORSHIP We praise God for his blessings both physical and spiritual with special services in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, November 21 and at 9 a.m. on Thursday, November 22.  Come, sing to the Lord!

 NEEDY FUND A door offering will be received at our Thanksgiving services. This fund provides limited assistance to individuals in need throughout the year.

TRUST FUND PROJECTS Annually St. Paul Trust Fund makes distributions for special projects. The time to make requests for these funds is now through Thanksgiving. Contact Mrs. Happel in the office for forms.  If the project relates to the work of one of our boards, please contact its chairman to ensure the request is appropriate.


Sound impossible, not when we do it together. This Christmas season, walking together as a synod, we are going to share the Good News about God in the flesh, coming to bring light into our dark world, to one million souls.  C18 is multi-faceted program to assist WELS congregations in their Christmastime effort to boldly proclaim Christ. An interesting fact is that Christmas Eve has surpassed Easter as the service that unchurched and dechurched people are most likely to attend.

 Watch the service folders and December newsletter for ideas and information of how you can help get the Christmas message out to one million souls. Start thinking of who you already know that may need an invite to one of our services…and pray about it.

 INSTRUMENTALISTS NEEDED FOR CHRISTMAS DAY SERVICE   Do you play the clarinet, flute, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba, percussion, violin, guitar or any other instrument? We are planning to have an ensemble accompany the hymns and play special music for the Christmas Day service on Tuesday, December 25, at 9:00am.  If you are interested, please sign up by Thanksgiving Day in the church lobby or contact Lois McKenney (text 920-988-0177 or email Practice times will be determined after the sign-up.


 Grace Abounds, Part 1 - taught by Pastor McKenney

Sometimes people think that the study of “doctrine” is boring and dry.  But in his book entitled Grace Abounds, The Splendor of Christian Doctrine,  Professor Emeritus Daniel Deutschlander helps us review God’s saving grace as it shines through truths, the doctrines of holy Scripture. This a great opportunity to learn again God’s answers to those nagging questions we have about  him, the world, and eternal life! 

 Christian Parenting - taught by Steve & Kim Gartner

Today, parenting books line the shelves of libraries and book store. We will discuss the rewarding calling of parenting using the first parenting manual--the Bible. Join us as we study the truths found in scripture as it pertains to parenting.  

The Giving Story - taught by Jeff Davis
Many of us learn best by watching someone else.  That is true about Christian giving as well. The Giving Story class will discuss stories and reflect on how God’s grace impacted others. As you ‘watch’ others respond to that grace, encouragement will come. Others do serve as role models for us who want to grow in the grace of giving.

 ADVENT by CANDLELIGHT Make plans to attend this year's Advent by Candlelight event...An Evening with Isaiah.  It will be held on Sunday, December 2nd.  All ladies 6th grade and older are welcome.  Sign up for attending and/or hosting is in the lobby.   For more information or any questions, text Becca Lauber  at 648-2676 or email at

LUTHER PREPARATORY SCHOOL will present its fall band concert, entitled "Give Our Regards to Broadway!," on Nov. 18th at 7 p.m. in the LPS Auditorium.

 WELS CONNECTION will be shown after every service.