St. Paul Ev. Lutheran School

November 2018

 It All Began With God

Thankful for the Little Things?

            It’s hard to believe that the Thanksgiving holiday is fast approaching. The temperature is gradually falling and the leaves are turning. Thanksgiving is often a time when we look back at the many blessings God has showered upon us, blessings such as good health, loving family, food, shelter, and the list can go on and on. Let’s turn our attention now to our spiritual life. Do we consider our time to gather in God’s house to hear his Word as a blessing or a burden? Each week four services along with various Bible classes are offered to help strengthen our faith. So often the devil and our sinful nature get in the way of the one thing needful. In our chapel devotions this year we are concentrating on various questions/lies Satan sends out to make us have doubts, realizing God has an answer to all his lies.

Here at St. Paul, your child(ren) have the wonderful blessing of daily growing in their faith through devotions, Bible lessons, and prayers taught to them by dedicated teachers and pastors. I pray that all families realize the blessings we have here at this school and the many opportunities we offer to grow in your faith.

  Have a very blessed Thanksgiving!

First Quarter Mission – Apache Mission in Arizona

Thank you to everyone who supported our 1st quarter mission project through your prayers and offerings. We will be sending $785 for this cause.

Opportunities in the ARTS & MUSIC:

Forensics Meet is on Friday, Nov. 2 at LPS starting at 6:00 PM

Band Concerts at LLHS 1)beginner band concert November 3 at 9:45 am. 2)Cadet band joins LLHS’s marching band Sun, Nov. 4 at  2 pm. Join us for some toe-tapping music at Lakeside’s fall concert .

Basketball…Ready to Roll!  Coaches are lining up. Students are eager. Mr. Seim, athletic director, announces practices begin the week of November 12, and games begin in December.

We can always use extra help from people of all ages to keep score, or help out in the concession stand. If you have any questions on the upcoming season, or would be willing to help out for our home games contact Mr. Seim, St. Paul’s Athletic Director.

Food Collection: Blessed by bountiful harvests, our children are  expressing “thanks” in a food drive.  Students are encouraged to bring canned goods or non-perishable items to chapel in addition to regular offerings. Everyone in the congregation is welcome to participate.  The offering will collect in the lobby during Nov., distributing the food to the local food pantry by December.  St. Paul urges the sharing of His blessings,  “Let us do good to all…especially those of the household of faith.”

 Strengths/Weaknesses, Successes/Struggles Parent teacher consultations are coming up November 1-2. This is a time to discuss how your child is doing in school through the first quarter. To help make the consultation more meaningful, it may help to write down questions or concerns you have about your child. Remember to sign up on to schedule your consultation. Thank you in advance for taking time out of your day to visit with your child’s teacher.