February 3-5 Worship Service Notes

ST. PAUL LUTHERAN CHURCH  |  Lake Mills, Wisconsin

The Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany February 3-5, 2018

Welcome to Worship

We welcome and thank you for joining us for worship today! In our service we gather before our almighty and saving God to offer him our worship and praise. That is our service to him.  But we also assemble to hear God’s holy and powerful word and celebrate his life-giving sacraments. Through these means, God strengthens our faith and walks us ever closer to our eternal home with him – that is how God serves us.

Mothers and small babies seeking some privacy are welcome to use the nursery room at the end of the hall past the family restroom.  Ask an usher for assistance.

 Out of courtesy for others and respect for our services, please turn off your cell phone.  Large Print Hymnals are available. Ask an usher.

Service Notes for Today

This weekend our focus in on outreach and witnessing. It is easy to pray for missionaries in far off lands and pay for mission work done by others. It is much harder to personalize the work that Jesus has commissioned us to do in the mission fields of our own lives. May the specific promises of Jesus along with his direction on what we are here to do, bring a renewed focus and confidence in your life as a witness for your Savior.

 PRAYER BEFORE WORSHIP                                    Christian Worship 575 vs. 1,3               

How shall they hear the Word of God unless the truth is told?

How shall the sinful be set free, the sorrowful consoled?

To all who speak the truth today impart your Spirit, Lord, we pray.

 How shall the gospel be proclaimed if heralds are not sent?

How shall the world find peace at last if we are negligent?

So send us, Lord, for we rejoice to speak of Christ with life and voice.