St. Paul Ev. Lutheran Church Newsletter

 April 2018

Hebrews 13:7 (NIV84)   7 Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.
As we celebrate 125 years of ministry here at St Paul, its a great time to take a look back, but at the same time to rejoice forward. I took the opportunity to look at ten different church directories that spanned decades of ministry. One page that always began the pictorial section was the “leadership pages” - councils, elders, ladies groups, church organizations. In a previous newsletter, we rejoiced over all the pastors that have served at St Paul over the years. A longer list of leaders - hundreds of men and women over the years - is equally worthy of our rejoicing. God has provided willing servants to help in the ministry here over 125 years. As the church grew, so did the number of members serving as leaders. Its humbling to reflect on all the untold hours behind the scenes these leaders gave laboring in the kingdom - pointing to Christ, teaching, encouraging, fostering relationships, meeting and working, building up the church and literally building the church, serving and planning activities, the giving of time and talents, the mission work!
As I looked way back, so many of the leaders that served as the backbone of the ministry are now with Jesus. But one thing I noticed is that a new generation of leaders was always there to take their place. The styles and hairdos changed, the numbers within the organizations varied, but God always provided capable men and women as leaders. The leaders not only served, but modeled leadership to the next generation - who grew up to do the same. But the writer to the Hebrews already anticipated this. It is a model throughout Scripture. The Holy Spirit tells us to “Remember our leaders… look at their life’s outcome…imitate their faith.”  As the Word of God was handed down from one generation to another, the Holy Spirit was doing his hidden work within hearts. Leaders not only handed down the Word, but also their Christian example of leadership.  God accomplished ministry through their labors and at the same time their example was raising up the next generation of leaders.
As we have been blessed in the past 125 years with selfless leaders at St Paul, we can expect our faithful God will accomplish the same into the future. Its already happening now. The Word is being spoken, the Holy Spirit is doing his hidden work in hearts, leaders are laboring, the next generation is watching… Take a moment and look around, “remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith” and labor on in the Lord!
Pastor Tomhave
The first Sundays in April and May mark two important days for our congregation. April 1st is Easter, when we’ll again celebrate that our Savior lives. May 6th is the commitment weekend for our “connecting” project. Those two Sundays are connected because it is what God has done for us in Christ that moves us to give ourselves to him.
Here’s what we’re asking of you: Join with us in God’s work that is happening in this place. Come, grow with us in your faith through the Word of God. Let the Holy Spirit connect you ever more deeply to your Savior, Jesus. Come, build connections with the other Christians who are part of your family here. And help us reach out more and more to connect to the people of Lake Mills around us.
Together, we are St. Paul! That’s why we are joining together now to support God’s work among us. We invite you to be part of this, too.
Maundy Thursday:  Thursday, March 29th at 3:30 pm and 6:30 pm with Holy Communion
Good Friday:  Friday, March 30th at 10:00 am, 1:30 pm, and 6:30 pm
Easter Vigil:  Saturday, March 31st at 7:30 pm with Holy Communion
Easter Sunrise Service:  Sunday, April 1st at 6:30 am
Easter Festival Services:  Sunday, April 1st at 9:00 am and 10:30 am
There is no service on Monday, April 2nd and no Sunday School on April 1st.
We look forward to another class of young people confessing their faith and vowing loyalty to their Savior this month.  Public examination of the class will occur on Wednesday, April 25 at 6:30 p.m.  Confirmation takes place in the 10:30 a.m. service on Sunday, April 29.  Remember our young people in your prayers as they take this important step in their spiritual lives.
Sunday School and Bible classes do not meet on April 29.
At the end of March, packets of information were distributed to every family in our congregation. Inside, you’ll find a summary of what the project is and why we’re doing it along with a commitment card for your family. Please take the time to read through everything included there and to ask whatever questions you might have. On the three Sundays after Easter, we’ll build on this as we talk about the ministry God has given us here at St. Paul. Read more about that below.
The three Sundays after Easter (4/8, 4/15, and 4/22), we’ll focus on our ministry. At St. Paul we are connecting people … to Christ … to each other … and to our community.  Here’s what you can expect:

                           DATE                 SERMON         BIBLE STUDY            THEME

Easter 1            April 7-9           John 20:19-31         John 15       Connecting to Christ
Easter 2           April 14-16         Luke 24:36-49       Eph. 4         Connecting to Each Other
Easter 3           April 21-23        John 10:11-18          1 Cor. 9        Connecting to Our Community

The weekend of Sunday, May 6th will be our Congregation Commitment Weekend. God has generously blessed each of us in different ways. We hope that already now you’re thinking and praying about how God can use you to extend our gospel ministry to the future.
The March edition of the building project status update is available at St. Paul in the gathering area. If you aren’t able to pick up a copy in person or read it online, call the church office and we would be happy to mail one to you.
Our 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Gartner has returned a divine call to be a professor of special education at Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN. We pray for God’s continued blessing on her service among us!
We extended a divine call to Mrs. Kelly Tomhave to teach part-time next fall in our 3K program. Mrs. Tomhave has accepted that call. May God bless her ministry in our growing preschool program!
Our 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Enger, received a divine call to teach physical education at Luther High School in Onalaska, WI. Feel free to give Mrs. Enger any thoughts you might have as she deliberates where the Lord might have her serve next year. Above all, keep her in your thoughts and prayers during this time.
Mission Society meets Monday, April 9th.  Come for fellowship at 7PM.   A presentation and business meeting will follow at 7:30 PM.  The speaker for the night will be Pastor Henselin, the executive director for WELS institutional ministries.  Come and hear how our synod is ministering to others through institutional ministries.
Jessie Nass has volunteered to help coordinate our monthly blood pressure screenings as well as blood drives and any other medical events and services. Contact Jessie if you have medical skills you’d like to use to serve others, or if you have ideas about medical needs that could be met here at St. Paul.
Every week we record the sermon and service to broadcast on TV and to share with our members who can’t be with us. We now have those videos on our own YouTube channel and on our website. If you weren’t able to join us, or if you’d like to watch the sermon again or share it with someone, check out the “media” menu on our website or on our new app.
We are in need of volunteers to mow the church lawn.  Use of the equipment requires operators to be age 18 and over.  Sign up lists are available at church for mowing the large areas, the fenced childcare playground area and for spraying weeds.  The more volunteers we have, the more the tasks can be shared.

The youth group is busy planning the upcoming youth rally in June. There is a lot of logistics that need to happen in the weeks ahead. We are also in the planning stages of putting together a calendar of events and service opportunities for our teens - not only so that the congregation can better connect them to our ministry, but also that our members can better support, volunteer and pray for upcoming events.  May God bless our work together as we involve the whole body of Christ here at St. Paul.
We join the following couples in thanking the Lord for blessings received as they celebrate special wedding anniversaries (multiples of five years) this month. May God’s blessings continue on you and on all of our families!
Steve & Tatiana Drevlow              April 27       5 years
Darrel and Carolanne Turcotte    April 12      15 years
Rod & Liz Null                              April 23     30 years
Al & Sandi Corlett                        April 8       40 years
Chuck & Terri Happel                   April 14     45 years
Fred & Donna Poweleit                April 16     75 years
Lyle Zimmerman departed this life on March 23rd at the age of 74. His funeral is scheduled for March 31st.We pray that God will provide comfort to her loved ones through his Word.
This month it is our privilege to introduce Ginger Ramsey and children, John, Sue and Kathy Schmidt, Lydia Schneider, and Alyssa Thompson.  Welcome to our family of believers!
We welcome Ginger Ramsey by adult confirmation, along with her children Gibson and Ruby Quandt who were baptized on March 4th. Ginger grew up in the Lake Mills area and received her Fine Arts degree from UW Madison with an emphasis in graphic design. Currently she serves as a realtor for Remax here in town. She married Josh Ramsey a few years ago which brought her in touch with our congregation. Her favorite thing to do in her downtime is home projects (she was putting in new flooring and sinks as she was answering questions for this bio - hah!).
On Palm Sunday we welcomed the Schmidt family by profession of faith. John is a Vietnam veteran and retired pastor. Sue has worked various jobs as a bank teller and receptionist over the years. They decided to retire in Cambridge to be close to family and be close to a lake. John’s favorite past times are being with the grandkids, along with Sue. He also enjoys fishing and woodworking. Sue spends her free hours doing crafts, especially knitting and quilting.
Kathy Schmidt, daughter to John and Sue, currently resides in Deerfield. She graduated from Concordia River Forest with a psychology major, but has worked as CNA at Bethesda and now is a massage therapist. Kathy has volunteered to help at Twice as Nice in Jefferson. She also shares a passion with her mom in quilting and they both have donated much of their current work to Rainbow Hospice in Johnson Creek.
This March we received Lydia Schneider in the St. Paul family by profession of faith. She grew up in MI but came across Lake Michigan to go to college at Concordia in Mequon to pursue her degree at a Lutheran college. She received her bachelors in the science of nursing there and while at school, a mutual friend introduced her to Jacob Schneider. They were married last year and have settled in Oconomowoc for now.  She currently works in the Oconomowoc Hospital medical-surgical unit. He favorite pastimes are spending time together with family and friends, dinner/movie dates with Jacob and walks around the lake - weather permitting!
Alyssa Thompson (niece of Lisa Ishii) grew up in West Bend and attended David’s Star in Jackson.  She went to UW Madison and has a bachelor of science in Art.  She currently lives in London (Wisconsin, not England) and works in downtown Madison at a small financial advisors office as an investment associate.  Alyssa enjoys spending time with her pit bull Sasha and riding her horse.  She is part of the handbell choir and Praise Singers.
We wanted to keep all of our members informed regarding offerings to date.  We are grateful for the gifts God’s people have brought.  In fact, we are happy to report that at this date, we are current with our commitments to both the Synod and Lakeside Lutheran High School. But we are still running short and we hope that by the end of the fiscal year, June 30, 2018, we would still have the “reserve fund” of $125,000 that we established with the special offering last summer.
Here’s the year-to-date update:
Offerings through Feb 2018                      $886,000
Budgeted through Feb 2018                      $914,000
Shortfall                                                      $(28,000)
If we take out the funds that we have used from dedicated memorials that adds another $40,000 to the shortfall. So, the long and short of it is, we are behind in offerings of about $68,000 with three months to go in the fiscal year.
We share this information not to “scold” or discourage anyone but to inform.  We are all in this gospel work together as fellow believers at St. Paul. We ask that you prayerfully consider this information and join your fellow believers in bringing the gifts that enable us to support our work fully.
            “Were the whole realm of nature mine,
            That were a tribute far too small.
            Love so amazing, so divine,
            Demands my soul, my life, my all.  Amen.
Did You Know? – Finance Board
Part of our ongoing communication series

  • The annual budget for St. Paul is just over $2,000,000
  • Every month we meet our full obligation to WELS and Lakeside, which totals over $300,000 per year
  • Since inception of our current mortgage, when we moved to our facility on Hwy 89, we have never missed a mortgage payment
  • Our buildings and property are valued at about $5,000,000
  • Each year we give scholarship monies from our trust fund to students at LLHS, Luther Prep, and MLC

Did You Know? – Facility Usage
Part of our ongoing communication series

  • St. Paul Church and School has 934 various active events currently scheduled for the term of February 1st through May 31st   
  • This activity is comprised of meetings, sporting events, worship services, Bible classes, music lessons, private events or any event or activity that requires scheduling of rooms within the facility  
  • In addition, St. Paul Church and School has already completed 361 past events for the month of January  
  • That brings our activity to 1,295 events for the 1st half of the year  

Did You Know? – Fellowship Board
Part of our ongoing communication series

  • One of the Fellowship Board’s major activities for the year is to coordinate and organize the Easter Sunday Breakfast.  In past years: 
    • The breakfast was held immediately following the Sunrise Service 
    • All members were encouraged to sign-up and bring egg bakes, as well as cinnamon rolls and desserts for all to share 
    • Coffee, milk, and orange juice were provided
    • Board members and youth group members assisted with set-up, serving, and clean-up 
  • This year the Fellowship Board is conducting the breakfast like the congregational brunches. Eggs, sausage and fruit will be provided and volunteers will bring the rest of the breakfast sides. Please look for more communication and opportunity to volunteer as Easter approaches.

The April meeting of our OWLS chapter is scheduled for 1:30 PM on the third Tuesday, April 17, at St Paul Lutheran Church in Lake Mills, served by Pastors McKenney, Tomhave and Nass.  St Paul ladies will provide refreshments. The topic is our synod's new "Lutheran Military Support Group." Our speaker, Erhard Opsahl, a retired LPS professor and a military veteran, helped organize the LMSG to provide our own military families and war veterans with spiritual services in each congregation. Please invite our local veterans to come and learn more about their new support group. Here you will enjoy spiritual growth and the fellowship of neighboring WELS and ELS members. The Organization of WELS Seniors (OWLS) exists to provide meaningful activity for those who are retired and/or 50 years and older.
You’re invited to Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary on Saturday, April 28th for the “Seminary Scurry” – a 5k family run-walk and 1/2 mile kids dash. Look for more information on our bulletin board. Sign up at
Thank you so much for sponsoring an ice sculpture for the 2018 Knickerbocker Ice Festival. Your sculpture was beautiful! I hope you enjoyed it--and the weather stayed cold enough to allow those beautiful sculptures to last a while. 
Shop:  We’re easy-to-find and open Mondays-Saturdays from 9-5 PM: just a minute east on the Hwy 18 exit off the 26 bypass at 907 W. Racine St., next to the Jefferson Piggly Wiggly. Come check out the new spring/summer inventory!
Volunteer: Beginning April 2018 we will host regular work nights at Twice Is Nice on the 1st Tuesday and the 3rd Monday of the month (so for April that is April 3 and 16). The evening hours will run 5-8:30 p.m. Volunteers can come as early as they are available that evening and stay as long as they’re able. No expertise required. Thank you to recent volunteers, including Lakeside graduates Jacob Borth (St. Mark, Watertown) and Kelly Skewes (Our Redeemer, Madison) as well as LLHS students Katie Guld (St. Paul, Lake Mills), Grace Loescher (Trinity, Watertown) and Jenna Gaal (St. Matthew, Oconomowoc).
Changeover to spring merchandise went very well! It is amazing that in 2 ½ hours, winter clothing was removed from racks, area cleaned, 411 boxes unpacked holding 10, 960 pieces of clothing hung on 77 racks with 8 arms and shelves by 73 willing volunteers (including 24 LLHS students). WOW!
Donate!  "Stuff the Truck" at LL the Saturday of Fine Arts Fest, April 14, from 9 am to 1 pm. Bring as much as your vehicle can carry, furniture, anything! Otherwise, donations can be brought to the door behind the store from 9-4:30 any day we are open. Questions?  Call 920-674-6868, ask for the day manager. Items that cannot be accepted are TVs, computer monitors and printers, appliances, console pianos/stereos/sewing machines, mattresses/box springs, organs and paint.


April 2018

 “Be Bold, Be Strong”
Have you ever wondered what the children at St. Paul learn every day? Ever wonder what sets our school apart from other schools down the road? The answer is simple – God’s Word. Each day we begin with God’s Word, end the day with God’s Word and then insert God’s Word throughout the day in every subject. Simply put, God’s Word is permeated in every aspect of every day.
The students at St. Paul are taught to discern between what the world thinks is acceptable and what God says is acceptable based upon His Word. We have his Word before us every day to strengthen and nourish our faith. Here at St. Paul Lutheran School, Your School, the students are taught the one and only way to heaven. How is this done? I put some numbers together and came up with rather amazing statistics for students who attend St. Paul all nine years of grade school. The numbers increase if they also attended St. Paul Preschool.
Did you know…

  • that a student at St. Paul will have prayed over 4500 group prayers?
  • that a student at St. Paul will have listened to over 3000 devotions?
  • that a student at St. Paul will have been taught over 1000 Bible History lessons?
  • that a student at St. Paul will have attended over 250 chapel devotions?
  • that a student at St. Paul will have memorized over 100 Bible passages?
  • that a student at St. Paul will have memorized over 500 verses of various hymns?
  • that a student at St. Paul will have over 120 hours of sound doctrinal catechism instruction taught by one of the pastors?

 Why is this list important? It is through each one of the items listed above that your child’s foundation of faith is being strengthened through God’s Word. Each one of these mentioned is a tool to help fight Satan and his temptations. Where else can a child go to get such extensive training in God’s Word? Where else can a child get this type of spiritual arsenal to boldly and confidently stand up to Satan and his constant attacks. What a blessing we have right here on our premises! What a testament to the many congregational members who help support such a valuable ministry! Thank you so much for your generous commitment of time and talents!
If you have any questions on how you can get this training for your child, please do not hesitate to call the school office for enrollment. We are here to answer any questions you might have.
Every School Family Invite – 3K-8th Grade
The leaders are planning a meeting to discuss the plans for the new sanctuary and early childhood center. A hot dog dinner will be provided on April 11 from 6:00-6:30 and a brief presentation will follow beginning at 6:30. There will be childcare provided during the presentation portion for children up to 5th grade. A sign up genius email will be sent out so we can get an accurate count for those attending the dinner and/or presentation. Hope to see many of you there so you can hear the many exciting things happening here at St. Paul.

  • Rehearsal Mon &Tues Apr 23-24 at 3:15 PM
  • Examination Service Wednesday, April 25 6:30 PM

      =   Confirmation is Sunday April 29 at 10:30 AM.
8th Grade Graduates

  • 17 out of 19 plan to continue their high school years with Christian education!

Our Students Continue Christian Training as LLHS Partners:   

  • Math Meet at LLHS is a contest for 5th-8thgr. St. Paul students compete with other schools on Wednesday, April 25
  • Fine Arts Fair music performances hosted by Lakeside includes solos competition April 14 & concert April 15 at 1:30 PM.  

 To Our Young Families with 3K, 4K, and/or Childcare Needs,

  • For 3-year-olds, we still have limited room available in our 2-day or 3-day class…
  • 3-yr olds also have afternoon childcare options
  • 4K classes still have limited room available in the afternoon

Limited space remains for these Early Learning Center programs. You are encouraged to invite your Lake Mills community neighbors & acquaintances. Please contact the school office. We will be glad to schedule a visit, showcase our program and answer questions!
St. Paul’s Early Learning Center is committed to providing the best   in developmental appropriate Christian early childhood experiences & activities for our youngest children!
Kids, Track Season is about to begin.  Be part of the action!  We have all kinds of events for all kinds of interests (shot putt & softball throw, high & long jumps, sprints & distance runs, relays and an old-fashioned tug-of-war). Basketball can only field five at a time, but track & field allow for much participation.  Come join the team!  Be a winner!  Meets are May 5 at Lakeside and May 12 at Fort Atkinson.
Lakeside Fine Arts Fair is Saturday, April 14 with a Sunday, April 15 concert at 1:30 PM.
Play Night April 20 – Come enjoy an evening of comedy as the students of grades K-2 put on the Play, “Go Fish” at 6:00 in the gymnasium. You won’t be disappointed!