April 8th - Announcements

ALTAR FLOWERS have been placed to the glory of God by Al & Sandi Corlett in celebration of their 40th wedding anniversary.  Congratulations.

FUNERAL SERVICE for Margie Thomson was held on Monday.  May God comfort her family.

 MISSION SOCIETY meets Monday, April 9th.  Come for fellowship at 7PM.   A presentation and business meeting will follow at 7:30 PM.  The speaker for the night will be Pastor Henselin, the executive director for WELS institutional ministries.  Come and hear how our synod is ministering to others through institutional ministries.

FINE ARTS FAIR  On Saturday, April 14th, over 70 students from St. Paul will be participating in over 80 individual and group performances at the Fine Arts Fair held at Lakeside.  The Jr. Choir performs at 8:00 AM in the West Gym and the band performs at 9:00 AM in Room 212. Individual performances by our students begin shortly before 10.  On Sunday, April 15th, our band and choir will participate in the 1:30 concert held in the East Gym.  This is a great opportunity to enjoy some music and celebrate the talents that God has given to these children.

THE LWMS CAPITOL CIRCUIT would like to invite you to their Spring Rally. It will be held at Our Redeemer, 1701 McKenna Blvd. in Madison on Saturday, April 21st with registration beginning at 8:30am and lunch served at noon.  Guest speaker is Mr. Sean Young, Director of WELS Mission Operations. He will be speaking about the African Immigrant Project, Chapel of Improvement in Las Vegas, NV. 

ONE LAST CHANCE  There will be a “hot dog” supper for the families of St. Paul School and Preschool on Wednesday, April 11th.  The supper will start at 6:00 PM.  From 6:30-7:00? there will be an informational meeting regarding our building program.  We especially invite those families who were not able to attend the brunches in February.  There will be childcare during the meeting for children up to 5th grade.  Other members are invited, too.  Call the office to sign up at 920-648-2235.

GREETERS ARE NEEDED  Please contact Kris Schneider at 920-988-6987 or trykrs@hotmail.com

 LAWN MOWING  We are in need of volunteers to mow the church lawn.  Use of the equipment requires operators to be age 18 and over.  Sign up lists will be available at church for mowing the large areas, the fenced childcare playground area and for spraying weeds.  The more volunteers we have, the more the tasks can be shared.

HOUSING NEEDED  On Sunday, May 13 at 7:30, your Lakeside Lutheran High School will be hosting the Wind Symphony from Martin Luther College.  You are all cordially invited to attend this concert.  The Wind Symphony will also be performing for Chapel on Monday at Lakeside.  That being said, the students will need housing for the night of May 13.  If you are willing to host, please contact Mr. Glen Pufahl at gpufahl@llhs.org with the following information:

Name:                    Address:                 Contact info: Phone:                           E-Mail address:

Preferred gender of students to be hosted:

Number of students you are willing to host comfortably:

Pets (yes or no):   If yes to pets, what kind:

Any other information that might be important for us to know:

Thank you so much for considering helping in this way.  If you have any questions, you may contact Glen Pufahl at the above e-mail address as well.

Did You Know? – Mission Society

Part of our ongoing communication series

  • The stated objective of Mission Society is to help the mission programs of the WELS and to assist St. Paul Church and School in any way our time, talents and treasures are needed.
  • Mission Society supports three WELS missionaries through the LWMS Befriend a Mission program. We are assigned new missionaries every two years.
  • Mission Society gave almost $2,000 to a variety of WELS missions and St. Paul programs last year.
  • Our programs for last year included: Christian Aid and Relief, St. Paul Power Hour, St. Paul Fine Arts Fair and Forensics presentations, Asia Lutheran Seminary, Lakeside's STEM Program, a WELS ministry overview and two Bible studies.
  • Mission Society serves an Advent and Lenten supper each year along with a variety of other meals or snacks throughout the year.
  • We meet the first Monday (or second if the first falls after a holiday) from August through June. All the ladies of St. Paul are welcome to attend any and every meeting!  We would love to have you join us.
  • Upcoming programs include:
    • April 9 - Institutional Ministries
    • May 7 - Wisconsin Lutheran Chapel
    • June 4 - Martin Luther College