St. Paul Ev. Lutheran School

This month, I am sharing with you the first of the two eighth grade essays chosen. Each of the eighth students wrote on the topic “My life as a Christian from my studies of the book of John.” The two essays were chosen by the faculty to be read at their graduation service earlier this month.

Brock Schneider

Be Bold, Be Strong

The theme for this school year has been ‘Be Bold, Be Strong’. These small words can have a big meaning.

            I look into John for more information about being bold and strong. I see in John 12:26 (Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves me). I read this, and I realize that life for a Christian is not always going to be served on a silver platter. I know and confess that sometimes my faith shrivels up, and it feels like I am all alone in this dark world. I’m not. I walk with Jesus. This reminds me of a story I once heard. “There was once a man who walked through life on a beach with God. His footprints represented times in his life. He looked back at the difficult points of his life, and he only saw one set of footprints. He asked God why there was only one set of footprints. God said, ‘Those times were when I carried you.’” What a comforting  story, isn’t it? We may feel as though we are alone in this walk of faith, but we don’t need to fear. God is walking with us, carrying us. Jesus saves, God saves. He saved us and not because we earned it. We hear others talking about good works and how they’re the only way to heaven. They’re wrong. We don’t do good works for ourselves, we do them out of love for God. We follow his commands because he loved us, so we will love him. We obey his commands and he will bless us through them. While we are here on earth, and we continue to learn we have help. We have the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is in us, and he will remain in us for as long as we live. He will teach us everything we need to know and want to know about God and his Word.

            As we journey through our life, we also want to stay connected to Jesus. Kids Connection talks about this and they would not be more on point. As a student who watches Kids Connection, I learned their theme, “Stay connected to Jesus.” This line shows the truths in John 15:1-8. We are the branches and we need to remain in God. If we remain in him, then we stay fruitful. We stay connected through faith so I encourage everyone to remain in their faith. I want to remain in that faith which connects me to my Savior in heaven.

            Even as we grow in faith, we face obstacles, persecutions others would say. We are not completely sheltered in our little bubble. I believe that persecution is a real threat and a big threat. Persecution will lead to unbelief if we give into it’s evil desires. We grieve because we will not persevere through the torment of this world. That is why God is with us. He leads us through the persecution, along his side. He will stay with us until we reach our ultimate goal, heaven. There we will be eternally happy, and we will live with God forever.

            The message is plain and simple. ‘Be Bold and be Strong’. With these words we should have a strong grip on our faith, and walk with God forever.

SCHOOL NEWS for SUMMER Consideration:

¨       Summer Childcare.  Summer childcare is offered during the summer for children ages 3-5th grade beginning on June 4th.  Hours are 6:30 AM-6 PM for those parents interested.  If you have questions regarding this program, contact Steve Gartner or Allie Byers at 648-2918.

¨       Preschool Sessions. There is limited space in the 4K afternoon class and both 3k classes. Call the school office to arrange a visit to our 3K & 4K classrooms.

¨       While bells stop ringing & classrooms turn quiet, faculty members are busy preparing for school next fall.  They  order texts, attend classes, block out schedules & prepare programs to provide your children the best Christian education program possible.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION:  2018 Vacation Bible School at St. Paul Lutheran Church

Blueprints are being drafted and plans are underway for VBS at St. Paul: Build on the Rock!  Join us Monday, July 30-Friday, August 3rd for a week of Building and Creating: Building Crafts,  Games, Snacks, and Creating Music!  Most importantly, we will be building faith through connecting students going into 3k-6th grade to God’s Word.  Invite a neighbor, tell a friend!  For more information, check out the church website - Stay tuned for more details including a Service Project, Volunteer Information, deadlines, and more!