Do the renderings show what has been approved for construction?

No. The renderings are only the first pass at the vision of what the expansion will look like. There are bound to be changes, but we needed a starting point to determine feasibility. It’s also easier to have a conversation as a congregation about what we want the final building to be if there are pictures to talk about.

If you’ve been mulling over an idea or a question, now is the time to bring it up. Fill out a comment card (they’re on the table near the renderings), or talk to one of our pastors or a member of the building committee. So far we’ve fielded more questions about the sanctuary than about the ELC, so we’re expecting it to take more time to refine the plans for the sanctuary side. While all feedback is appreciated and important, please keep in mind that the final building design will be a culmination of many factors and tradeoffs.

What has been approved so far are contracts with Catalyst (project management), Generis (capital campaign), and Excel (architect) for preliminary efforts to help us determine feasibility, cost, and schedule.  We will need further approval from the congregation to draft detailed construction documents and to finally move ahead into construction.