Are we really going to be able to complete the whole project?

That question has been on our minds, and we’re sure it has probably been on yours, too. At this point, God is the only one who knows our future and the answer to that question. Here’s what we can say at this point:

There’s a possibility that we could find a way to accomplish all of it at once (otherwise we wouldn’t have the whole project still on the table). It’s a big goal, but God has given us amazing people and resources here at St. Paul. We don’t want to sell ourselves short about what God could do through us at such a time as this. It’s also possible that we may need to prioritize some parts of the project over others. But there’s no way to know exactly what we can do together until we come together to pledge our gifts. We’ll be working toward that over these next three months. In the meantime, our Finance Committee is looking at the numbers of what we can afford for construction and is also looking at what a realistic budget would be to support our expanded ministry.

In the end there will need to be a decision made about what exactly we will build. That decision will be made by our congregation—not just by a few people or only by our leaders. Keep praying for our church—that God would give us the resources we need to take advantage of the opportunities he’s placing before us, wisdom to know what is best, and love for each other to work together in unity even when the decisions aren’t easy.