May 6th seems a long way off for our congregation commitment weekend. Why the wait?

We picked that date because two things take time: growth and unity.

First of all, growth takes time.

We’re praying that God will use this time to cause growth in all of us in ways that are bigger than just this project. Yes, it will take generous gifts for this building project to become a reality. But our lives of generosity are a lot bigger than just this project. Generosity is the way you give of yourself to serve others, and it impacts your family, your work, your church, and your community. Five years from now, we would hope that people would not just say about us, “Those people built a building,” but that “Those people really don’t just know generosity; they live it!”

Growth means spending time together in God’s Word, wrestling with the things he says to us there. Growth means time for God’s Law to challenge our default ways of thinking, exposing the ways our selfish sinful nature is short-sighted and stingy. Growth means time for God’s Gospel to warm our hearts with the sweet news of how God gave himself for us, and to transform us into people who give of ourselves for others. Our pastors are planning ways to point us to God’s Word again and again over the coming months.

You may have already thought through or talked with your spouse about what you plan to give. That’s good. We’re glad those kind of thoughts and discussions are taking place. At the same time, we ask you not to rush it. Making a quick decision is easier because then it’s over and done. Be open to growing over the course of these next few months.

Unity takes time, too.

With about 1600 members at St. Paul, that’s a lot of people. Could we schedule the commitment weekend for a week or two from now? Yes. Some of our members are all ready to get going. But not everyone is. Rather than pushing ahead with some of our members, we want to make every effort to include everyone. Chances are, if you are reading this, you are more engaged than the average member of our church. We need you to help us reach others and build a snowball effect. More time allows more and more of our members to be united together in a common purpose about our gospel ministry and our plans for the future. This project belongs to all of us.