What is the Commitment Process Like?

Perhaps the whole idea of making a commitment is new to you. We’ve been fielding some questions about what to expect. Here are a few tips. If these don’t quite get at your questions, contact one of the people in the box on the first page of this update.

  • A commitment is a promise. We hope that you take your promise seriously, since the plans we will be making together depend on it. At the same time, only God knows the future, and it could happen that someone needs to change their commitment down the road (either increasing it or decreasing it) because of some major change in life.
  • The commitment period is over three years. It could be that you spread your gifts evenly from 2018-2021, or perhaps you’ll give most up front or most toward the end. Each of our financial situations is different. But a commitment is not saying you have the resources to give it all right away.
  • Keep in mind both the new and the ongoing. Yes, a new building would be new and exciting. But remember that the building isn’t the end goal. It’s a tool to reach people with the gospel. The last thing any of us wants is to have a brand new building but to be unable to expand (or even maintain) our vital ministry that happens in the building. As you plan your commitment, include plans for how you’ll intentionally support our ongoing ministry with your weekly offerings.
  • Don’t just think through what you give; think through why you give. That’s one reason why we’re not scheduling the congregation commitment Sunday for next week. We’re hoping no one gives out of a guilt trip. Even worse would be thinking that your gift earns you something from God. Christian giving is different. “We love because he first loved us” (1 John 4:19). Similarly, we give because he first gave to us. Let’s spend this Lent and Easter marveling again at God’s love to us in Christ. May his love and generosity deepen our own love and generosity!
  • Return a commitment card on the weekend of May 6th. Unless you’re one of our elected leaders, you don’t have that commitment card yet. Those will be coming on the weekend of Palm Sunday (March 25th). You’ll write your commitment on the card and bring it to worship on the weekend of May 6th.