What's the Goal?

Our goal is to give five million dollars over the next three years in addition to our regular offerings. More than you could give? Of course it is, because this isn’t just you or me. This is about all of us coming together to support and extend the ministry of God’s Word to Lake Mills for the future. It is a big number. But remember that we have a big God “who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20). Know, too, that we’re not just picking a number out of the air. That number is based in part on conversations with members who have already said they want to give toward this ministry, and in part on the advice from our consultant from Generis, Larry Ulrich, after he studied our finances and our giving. We’re praying that God will give us resources and willing hearts to reach that goal. 

That financial goal is written first here, since that’s usually what people have in mind when they ask that question. But honestly, there are other goals that are more important than funding a building project. They’re the goals that are part of our whole “connecting” theme … the goal that we would connect ever more deeply to Jesus Christ over the coming months … the goal that we would connect to each other as a congregation … the goal of finding more and more ways to connect with our community.

Because honestly, if we build a building but end up further from Christ, further from each other, and further from our community, what have we gained? That’s why our deeper goal is to engage 100% of the people of St. Paul over the next few months as we grow together around God’s Word.