I just got a new packet of offering envelopes in the mail. Can you explain the envelopes?

Envelopes help us to be careful in how we record your giving. If you use the envelopes to give, then we can provide you with a giving statement for your tax purposes, or just to show that your offerings have been received and are being used to serve people with God’s Word here at St. Paul. We also hope the envelopes will help you to be purposeful & intentional in your generosity. But using the envelopes is only one way to give. If it doesn’t matter whether your gift is on your giving record, you don’t have to use an envelope. You’re also able to avoid cash and checks completely and give digitally through PushPay. Offerings through Pushpay are also recorded on your statement.

  • Many of the envelopes (one for each time we worship) are to support our ongoing ministry through our general budget. While perhaps not as exciting as a new building, these gifts are the heart and core of our ministry support here at St. Paul.

  • Some of the envelopes are for specific gifts, for example helping with tuition assistance for our families.

  • There are two kinds of envelopes that tie in with our sanctuary building project. “Bountiful Blessings” envelopes have been included for a number of years already and will continue to be in your envelope packet until next spring or summer (read more below). “Building Connections Fund” envelopes are new. They’re the ones that tie in with the commitments we made last May. Use those as you fulfill your commitment (otherwise your gift would go toward our general budget). You should find two “Bountiful Blessings” envelopes and two “Building Connections Fund” envelopes in your packet for each month. You don’t have to use every envelope. We want you to have the right kind of envelope available when you need it.