Our Place of Safety

Joel 3:12-16

         12      “Let the nations be roused; 
         let them advance into the Valley of Jehoshaphat, 
         for there I will sit
         to judge all the nations on every side. 
         13      Swing the sickle, 
         for the harvest is ripe. 
         Come, trample the grapes, 
         for the winepress is full
         and the vats overflow— 
         so great is their wickedness!” 

         14      Multitudes, multitudes
         in the valley of decision! 
         For the day of the LORD is near
         in the valley of decision. 
         15      The sun and moon will be darkened, 
         and the stars no longer shine. 
         16      The LORD will roar from Zion
         and thunder from Jerusalem; 
         the earth and the sky will tremble. 
         But the LORD will be a refuge for his people, 
         a stronghold for the people of Israel.